30-Day Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee:

We want to give you the best possible quality products at the best possible prices. We Promise you the Best Price Match we can possibly provide. So if you ever see our product on sale by any other major retailer Online store set such as: Walmart, Best Buy, Fry’s, etc. We’ll match that *price guaranteed. If they have a sale with in 30 days of purchase that beats our price. Save the link for verification and provide the **final price and we’ll match that price. We want you to feel confident that you’ve made the best choice and are totally satisfied with our efforts, service, and commitments to you. Let this ease you mind in knowing you’ve made the right choice by shopping with Swipe Epic.

Please note: Due to quality control, counterfeit items, condition of goods or services online sites such as Amazon, Etsy, or EBay still hold the price match guarantee yet at a much stricter qualification due to possible fraudulent on the part of the store front. We pride ourselves in doing the best for customers and we shall consider all viable options to verify such pricing before processing a decision of the validity of such advertisements.

*price includes shipping cost, price, and the final total cost as the factored price.

**final price includes tax and shipping and cost of goods or services.